Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Priatherm has the mission to support and satisfy customers by offering for each application the best solution in terms of performances and price. Engineers have the latest CFD Modeling software at their disposal fully integrated with CAD-CAM, by carrying out simulations at heat sink or system level, they are able to ascertain the critical issues and optimize the solution quickly and cost effectively in order to reduce prototyping costs.


Dedicated resources, that follow prototypes from the first design step to manufacturing, allow Priatherm to be flexible and reactive in prototyping. Moreover, through the CAB Brazing process it’s possible to get both heat sinks and liquid coolers without considerably tooling costs and with short lead times.

Testing Capabilities

  • Sealing test up to 8 bar with air or Nytrogen
  • Sealing test up to 50 bar with water
  • Pressure drop measurement (Flow rate up to 25 l/min)
  • Thermal test on LCP’s up to 4 kW of overall power loss
  • Life tests:
    • Pressure Cycle up to 0- 50 bar (1 Hz)
    • Destructive tests (up to 50 bar)
  • Material characterization and chemical analysis through a strategic partnership with the University of Ferrara