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PT Click

PT Click – Natural convection heat sink with clips

Special extruded profiles to quickly and safely assemble the components using custom clips. These are natural convection heat sinks.

The innovative idea is to replace the threaded holes needed to screw in with simple extruded fins.

While active due to cooling, the “PT Click fins” allow TO220 and TO247 cases to be assembled quickly and safely by simply inserting a clip into the specific groove.

The clips are made of stainless steel and ensure a perfect amount of pressure on the barycentre of the component: the result is efficient cooling, ensured by sturdy fastening, suitable even in working conditions with impacts and vibrations!

These heat sinks are also available with weldable pins, inserted into extruded channels on the bottom of the part. Assembly on the PCB is easy and can be automated.

PT Click is concentrated simplicity, financial savings, and streamlined thermal-mechanical design.


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