Air cooling

PT High

PT High - Forced Convection Heat Sink

Customised profiles with brazed fins positioned on one or both faces.

This family of heat sinks allows higher performing cooling solutions (via forced convection) to be created, required when the heat flux in question is particularly high.

Pure aluminum fins are positioned onto an aluminum plate, creating the possibility of having heat sinks with minimal gaps between the fins and complex structures, unachievable using extrusion technology.

Using the Controlled Atmosphere Brazing process, we are able to create metal joints between the base and the fins, thereby ensuring perfect thermal and electrical conductivity and mechanical resistance.

Some of the more obvious advantages are:

  • design flexibility: we are able to overcome the geometric and dimensional limits dictated by extrusion;
  • savings on materials and processing: should fins not be needed, rather than removing them mechanically like in the case of extruded parts or mechanical assemblies, they are simply not put in.

One particular sub-family of the PT High is air exchangers, where the fins are brazed on both sides of the base, allowing heat to go from one side (usually positioned inside a warm indoor space) to the other (positioned outdoors and exposed to the cooling air).


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