A Customer-Oriented Company


The main benefits that Priatherm is able to offer to its clients are its technical support, customized solutions and “make to print” products.

We don’t think like the managers in the comic strip below…



…we are convinced that our business success can only be achieved if our customers are happy with the solutions we deliver to them.


Priatherm can solve your problems when…

  • You have a new design and you want to choose the best air or water-based cooling system.
  • You have an existing application that needs to be refurbished/ or optimized.
  • You have developed a drawing and you want to get a competitive offer for a “make to print”



When you have a new design and you need to choose the best air or water-based cooling system, Priatherm can offer you:

  1. Technical support/Co-Design. Our engineers have years of experience in the application of Thermal Management to Power Electronics. (During 2018 more than 57% of our designs were turned into validated prototypes)
  2. Responsiveness: We ensure that our engineering development times are compatible with your project schedules thanks to our lean Company Organization
  3. Reactivity: Our manufacturing processes allow quick prototyping are we undertake Nocolok Flux Brazing Process in house.
  4. Communications: We have expertise in working across international markets and provide effective technical communications to our customers, thanks to our English, German, French and Spanish Technical and Sales Staff.



When you have an existing application that needs to be refurbished/optimized, Priatherm can offer you High-Quality air and water-cooled products.


Heat sinks (AIR COOLING):

From simple extruded profiles or pressed fins through to brazed fins (a “unique body” high fin density heat sink that can solve thermal issues, especially for demanding applications in terms of Rth).




High-Performance Alu brazed Liquid Cooling Packages (LCP) with turbulators suitable for a wide range of dimensions (up to 1.2 m long) and of flow rates (from 1 LPM to 30 LPM) providing excellent thermal performance.



And when must the price be optimized?

Priatherm’s technical team has the necessary expertise to re-design existing solutions and adapting them to use more cost-efficient processes (Design for Manufacturing). Furthermore, we are trained to think about the whole customer’s device as an integrated solution in order to save money by providing other mechanical components (e.g. fans, blowers, pumps, assembly to the cabinet, etc.)

When you have already developed a drawing and you want to get a competitive offer for a “make to print” product, Priatherm can offer you:

  1. A wide set of available capabilities both in air and water cooling solutions
  2. Responsive answers to your queries (Time to Quote)
  3. Quick prototyping thanks to our internal dedicated lines and network of approved subcontractors
  4. Competitive prices, especially for our “high added value” products





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